You need to dig down before building up.

You need to dig down before building up.

Having the right equipment makes a huge difference in how quickly the land can be levelled and the site prepared for the foundations. In less than a week, Eddie has managed to deal with the slope of the meadow, dig out the ground for the house foundations, create a circular drive way to the North of the house and prepare the back meadow for the future septic field.

I always knew that this property is on the path of an ancient glacier, but when you start to see the size and number of rocks that are pulled out of the ground, it is shocking. These rocks are being put to good use as we are getting Eddie, who runs the big equipment, to build a rock wall that separates the lower part of the circular driveway from the higher part. The centre of this circular driveway will be the future site of Mitch’s train garden. Watching Eddie sort through, move and build this rock wall is pure entertainment and a testament to his skills.

We are fortunate to be having an unusually long run of hot dry summer weather. The dirt on the excavation site is particularly fine and if we got much rain, it would create a sloppy mud that would be difficult to work in. The next ten days are forecasting more of the same, so I am counting ourselves fortunate.

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