Sunday Wind Storms are the best

Sunday Wind Storms are the best

I grew up in one of the windiest places in Canada (the Eastern Slopes of the Rocky Mountains in Southern Alberta) and would get nostalgic whenever there was an occasional wind storm in Vancouver. Still, nothing quite compares to a winter storm when the wind stirs the water into an endless sea of whitecaps, the trees are whipping back and forth, and the rain is almost horizontal as it hits the window.

When a winter storm blows up the strait, the Salish Sea delivers everything a storm watcher could ask for. Nothing quite compares to being cabin bound on a stormy Sunday. The weather has given us a good excuse to avoid any outdoor work, so it’s a day of lounging around for me. Today I’m splitting my time between working on the final changes to my website and starting a new painting. This is my official first blog entry.

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  1. I like the first one of Texada island. No wonder I hadn’t read your website. It takes as long as reading Sapians,ie :18 hours and 15 minutes

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