Swimming the Salish Sea

Swimming the Salish Sea

Although I’ve been doing a dip in the Pacific each month for the last year, this usually involves me wading in, quickly submerging and then immediately heading for shore. The whole thing lasts less than a minute. However, now that we’re into June, there are the occasional hot days where a swim in the ocean is in order.

We had one of those days this week. The temperature was up in the 20’s, the sun was blasting hot and it was a touch humid so that after several hours of pulling dead brush off the bank, I was feeling hot and sweaty. Since the ramp down to the beach is now finished, I was finally ready to have a swim in the ocean off our own property, rather than down the street at our friend’s place. I was actually pretty excited by this inaugural swim and in desperate need to cool down and wash the dust and dirt off.

There’s two things to remember about the beaches along this part of the coast. The water is crystal clear, with no sand or soil silting up the sea, and the boulders are covered in barnacles. The beach is made up of round rocks of various sizes and shapes. Although you can see where you are walking, it is kind of treacherous. If you happen to fall and land on the rocks, it’s like tangling with a sharp cheese grater. I did manage one tumble and scraped my arm where I landed. Let’s hope that the Salish Sea gods’ appreciate a small blood sacrifice in their honour.

The water was crisp and cold, but after you were in the water for a minute, it actually felt warm. I spent several minutes wading around, enjoying the view across to Texada and occasionally submerging myself. Afterwards, Mitch and I sat up on the Sea View Deck drinking some White Zinfandel while I dried off in the late afternoon sun. I’m looking forward to plenty of more days when the water is even warmer and we can have full afternoons down at the beach, swimming, sunning and enjoying the Salish Sea.

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