Storm Day on the Seaview Deck

Storm Day on the Seaview Deck

Built into our ramp down to the beach are three different view decks at three different levels. The first one, near the top of the bluff, is called the Seaview Deck. We’ll have four bar chairs on this deck so that you can have a cocktail and enjoy the view down the beach and across the Salish Sea to Thormanby Island. Continuing on down the ramp, you’ll pass by a small deck built a few feet from a big old Alder tree that was rather badly topped. This is the Lover’s Deck and will include a little bench that seats two people and is perfect for a quiet tête-à-tête. It’s also great if you need to take a break half way up the ramp. The third deck will be called the Shade Deck because it is situated right in the shade of three trees; a magnificent Fir tree, a tall thin cedar tree and big maple tree with lots of shade. It will be the ideal place to hang out on hot sunny days – that perfect combination of shade and cool Sea breeze. This last deck is closest to the beach and looks out over the picnic area at the bottom of the bluff. Once the ramp is done, I’ll do a more detailed post with pictures of the whole ramp and these three decks.

Today, however, it was a stormy day (a big old SouEaster coming up the strait). The whitecaps were marvellous and Mitch and I took a walk down the ramp to look at the waves crashing on the beach below. I probably shouldn’t be so mesmerized by storms on the ocean, but for the time being, I almost can’t get enough.

It may be stormy now, but it looks like we’re in for ten days of beautiful sunny weather with the temperature going up day by day. Spring is here.

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