Painting Waves: Sunset on Savary

Painting Waves: Sunset on Savary

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Summer Sunset on Savary Island. Painted November 2021.  24”x24” Acrylic on Canvas

Every few paintings, I have a total failure and no matter how much tweaking, I can’t salvage it.  Eventually I cover it with white gesso and start a new painting over the old one.  I’ve noticed that these new paintings are generally more successful than the old one.  I’d like to think that the canvas is happy to be given a second chance and actively cooperating in the rejuvenation process.  Or maybe I am more relaxed because the canvas is no longer pristine.  After all, anything I produce will likely be better than what was there before.  

A few summer’s back, while visiting Powell River, we decided to take an over-night trip to Savary Island. It’s about a forty minute drive from Powell River to the town of Lund where you catch the daily boat over to Savary Island.  This island is known for its long sandy beaches and is dotted with a large number of summer cabins.  It’s both rustic and somewhat quirky.  I would recommend a visit (even if it’s just for the day).  We were tenting on a friend’s property and had the time to do some exploring.  Later in the evening, we went for a walk on the North-Western side of the island, which afforded some spectacular sunset views.  

I wanted to focus on painting waves, so I chose a reference photo that really highlighted the waves with light from the setting sun.  At this time of day, the waves were inky black with the brightest of highlights.  I reasoned that these strong value differences would make painting the waves easier.  What I didn’t anticipate was how my painting would swerve towards some very expressionistic clouds.  Between the trippy clouds and an intense palette, I didn’t end up with the painting that I had intended.  As a novice painter, I’ve learned that sometimes the paint goes where the paint wants.  Someday, I might try this painting again with a more subdued palette and more impressionistic clouds, but for now, I’m ready to move onto my next painting.   

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