OMG. I think this construction project is actually going to happen.

OMG. I think this construction project is actually going to happen.

We had our first official meeting with the builder today.  He had also invited the person that will be putting in the septic field and do the general site excavation, so that we could get his input on the work that needs to be done prior to construction.  After months of working with the architect on the house design and details, we are now getting into the many, MANY practicalities that are involved in building a house on the Bluff.

It was almost a perfect Spring day, sunny with just a hint of a fresh breeze.  We reviewed the area planned for the septic field, the driveway and roundabout and the propane tank.  Over the last few days, Mitch and I had measured out the location of the house and placed orange buckets and sticks to show the various main floor rooms of the house and carport.  Seeing these buckets spread out from West to East along the top of the Bluff, gave everyone a sense of the size and scope of this project. It practically fills the area that we cleared and takes full advantage of the amazing view out over the Salish Sea.  

Many questions were asked and almost as many answers were given.  The landscaping in preparation for the foundation will start in May and the actual building will start in July.  The entire process will take us into 2022 before the house is complete, but having seen how much goes into this process, neither Mitch nor I were shocked by this news.  I’m not sure what it was about this particular meeting that brought about such a change, we’ve been discussing this for most of 2020, but suddenly both Mitch and I were feeling like this dream was actually going to turn into reality. In other words, “Shits gittin’ real”.

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