Nothing Beats a Beach Burn.

Nothing Beats a Beach Burn.

We’re coming to the end of the burn pile season (usually mid-April) and today the venting index was good, so Mitch and I decided it was a perfect day to get rid of some of the scrub alder that was piling up at the foot of the bluff. The wind was coming in strong from the West so we built the fire beside some big rocks creating a perfect little wind tunnel.

The fire practically took care of itself and we spent several hours piling on logs and brush. The heat that it generated was considerable and as the self-appointed fire whisperer, I spent plenty of time making sure that things were burning brightly. There is something so relaxing about tending a fire on the beach with a fresh wind coming off the Sea. A perfect time to consider what is important in life and let the inconsequential burn up and blow away like Alder ash.

Even though it was a cool westerly wind, the heat from the fire was blistering. By the end of the day, my face felt like a fir plank floor that had been sanded one too many times – nothing original was left except for the thinnest of veneers. On the positive side, I will have a smooth wrinkle-free face for the next week.

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