Life is full of new beginnings.

Life is full of new beginnings.

Patience is my middle name.

After twenty long months, we were able to move into the Art Studio part of our new house on Twin Eagles Bluff – finally! It’s 900 square feet of coziness looking out over the Salish Sea. It will be our new home while we finish off the main part of the house over the coming months. Mitch has set up his office in the living room and I’ve set up my drafting table in the big room, so we can kind of keep out of each other’s hair while we’re working. The studio has a good sized sleeping loft and a fully functioning kitchen so I don’t have to worry about a summer of cooking outside.

I’m especially excited about getting back to the paints as my last painting was finished in December. The next three months are going to be busy while we get ourselves settled up here. I’ll need to find a balance between working on the house, landscaping the front and back of the property and fitting in as much painting as possible. It’s going to a bit hectic, but I’m looking forward to the challenge. I also find that physical work enhances my creativity. At any rate, I’ll sleep well at night.

Throughout my busy day, I’m finding that there are many opportunities to find little moments of zen here on the Bluff. It may be the fog draping itself on Texada Island or the sun creating patterns on the Salish Sea. Even storms chasing up the Malaspina make me stop and breath. There is something about this place that refills my soul constantly.

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