Cool entertaining on a hot day.

Cool entertaining on a hot day.

We had our first out-of-town guests, Baz and James, visit us on Twin Eagles Bluff last night. We’re in the middle of an actual heat wave at the moment with temperatures in the high 30’s, heading into the low 40’s tomorrow. The morning was a mad dash of preparing food, cleaning up the Love Shack, chopping wood for a fire, watering gardens and setting up the shade deck. By late afternoon Mitch and I were both sweaty messes.

Fortunately, our Vancouver guests were just as hot from hiking that morning, so we all headed down the ramp with cold drinks to relax in the shade deck and go for a dip in the ocean. The Pacific is almost the perfect temperature to cool off in a heat wave. It’s a little shocking at first, but it quickly becomes comfortable as you acclimatize. Once you’ve settle in, your body thanks you and it’s super relaxing. After about 45 minutes in the water, we headed back to the shade deck for more drinks and in a much more energetic frame of mind.

I wisely did most of the food prep in the morning, so dinner was easy to pull together. Ten minutes to make the Beef Kabobs and another ten minutes on the grill and we were seated and eating. Once again, our trusty outdoor kitchen has proven that it can handle most challenges. After dinner, we sat around a small bonfire, which Baz kept burning with the help of a rather large hand fan. It’s an idea I want to borrow, it’s amazing how a little oxygen at the right time, keeps a fire burning hot and bright.

The view from the Bluff last night was a perfect summer postcard. The light turning the sky a beautiful peach colour. A good end to a great evening.

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