It’s a good morning on the Salish Sea.

It’s a good morning on the Salish Sea.

One of my favourite things to do in the morning is sit at the breakfast table with a big cup of steaming coffee, plan out my day and do a scan of the Salish Sea to see if I can see any Orcas, Humpbacks or Sea Lions from our perch at the top of the bluff.  Sometimes I’m lucky, but more often it’s a text from one of the neighbours alerting me to the fact.  There’s also a Facebook group that is devoted solely to the movement of whales and dolphins along this stretch of the coast.  If a post says that whales are swimming South past Myrtle Rocks, then I have about 30 minutes before they are in front of our place.  It may be a regular occurrence, but my prairie-born heart will always leap when I see these beautiful creatures.  It simply never gets old.

Even if there is no sea-life activity on the strait, I love to use the binoculars to observe the ever-changing light on Texada Island, watch the water whipped up by a storm blowing up the Malaspina or spy on the various boats and ships making their way past our place.  Yesterday, I spent about an hour watching a 30 foot sailboat fight it’s way Westward.  I wouldn’t want to be on that boat being tossed around by whitecaps, but it was fascinating to watch from the safety of our kitchen.

Today’s plan was to get started on the grouting on the ground floor of the house.  We’ve spent several days checking out YouTube videos, talking to neighbours and getting the necessary tools ready to do the job.  Today was the day that the rubber hit the road.  So far, so good!   

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