Painting: “I hold my breath.”

Painting: “I hold my breath.”

“I hold my breath”.  Winter Sunset on Marr Lake at 4:24 pm.  

About a kilometre South of my parent’s ranch, just over a few rolling hills is our neighbour Patricia’s house. She has a stunning view of the Rockies, with only a few low foothills in front. 

On the way to drop off a Christmas present from the family, I stopped to take a picture of the mountains illuminated by a perfect Sunset. This was only two days before Solstice so this is about as far South as the sun sets before starting its steady march Northwards. 

It was an emotional time, as my father was very ill and passed away just over three weeks later. It felt like everyone in my family was holding their breath over that last Christmas. When I took the reference photo, there was no wind and the stillness and fading light mirrored my internal feelings perfectly. It was both sad and beautiful.  

I wanted to get the feeling of how the Rockies spread out and so I chose a panel that was twice as wide as it was tall. I also explored a different style. Less detailed, more saturated colours, with a blurring and blending of the land. Almost as if you are seeing it through tears.  

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