Glamping on a Cold Wet Day

Glamping on a Cold Wet Day

Sometimes, the best thing to do on a cold wet day is turn to comfort food. We had a tempest blow up the strait last night and it was round after round of rain and wind all night long and well into the morning. By the time I got dressed, it wasn’t pelting rain but it was still a chilly West Coast Spring day. Our outdoor kitchen was still functional, although we had to wipe significant rain off the counters and the grill. Mitch went for his second standby breakfast of French Toast. My go-to comfort breakfast is Eggs Benedict.

I wasn’t sure that we’d be able to pull it off in our “Glamping Kitchen”, but it actually worked quite well. Without stepping on each other’s toes, we were able to produce both breakfasts at almost the same time. I even found that the griddle we bought for our camp stove functioned effectively as a griddle to crisp the ham as well as a plate warmer to warm up the plate and keep the Hollandaise Sauce warm.

It’s the little things that turn regular camping into glamping.

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