Bringing Christmas to the Bluff

Bringing Christmas to the Bluff

It’s been Mitch’s dream to have a Christmas Enchanted Forest walk through the woods in the back part of our acreage. As soon as we bought the land, he was planning power outlets, clearing paths and dreaming BIG dreams.

Being the first year, it was a bit of an experiment. The walk takes about ten minutes and is a pleasant stroll that takes you in a big circle. It starts from the North end of the property on Twin Eagles Road. From the street it doesn’t look like too much but as you enter the property, the lights guide you along a path way and you can hear Christmas music echo through the trees.

There are a number of vignettes as you work your way through the forest, including Snoopy in a bi-plane coming in through the trees. The forest is very dark at night, so the lights really stand out. We were lucky this year that the weather was clear and dry and there was a full moon which added another layer of mystery to the walk.

Half way through the walk, we had a little fire to warm your hands and all the adults were offered a shot of Baily’s Irish cream and kids a chocolate bar. Mitch and I were there to greet everyone and it was as great opportunity to meet neighbours and other town folk.

The last 1/3rd of the walk was through a darker part of the forest where it was quieter and more peaceful. One of the best effects was a projector that created the illusion of vivid, colourful sparks or fireflies drifting through the dark evergreens.

It was a big hit with the neighbours and a good start to what will be an annual tradition. We had about 200 people walk through over the five evenings it was open. Spreading Christmas cheer to everyone. Happy Holidays from Brian and Mitch.

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