An Eagle-Eye View of the Bluff

An Eagle-Eye View of the Bluff

It was a perfect day to test out Mitch’s new drone. There was no discernible wind and our resident Eagles didn’t pay any attention to the drone. Sometimes Eagles mistake drones for either threats or prey and will attack them. Drones always come out the losers in those battles, so we keep an eye out for any bird activity. Anyway, with all things looking favourable, Mitch sent the drone way up high to get some good Bird’s Eye Shots of the Bluff.

Using the architect’s drawings, we measured out the house where we want it to be built (taking advantage of the views). We defined the corners of the building with orange Home Depot buckets and some orange traffic cones. Then later Mitch took drawings and scaled them to these orange markers on the Bird’s Eye View. The last picture in this blog gives you an idea of how the house will sit on the bluff overlooking the Salish Sea. You can also see where we intend to have the land cleared and put in a circular drive-way.

Just to the West of the bluff is a little neighbourhood called Random Road. It’s where our friend’s Bruce and Sue live, but we’ve also gotten to know a lot of the neighbours along this road. It’s a friendly and fun bunch.

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