New Painting: Water Lily

New Painting: Water Lily

“Water Lily”.  Painted July 2022.  12” x 12”.  Acrylic on Canvas.  

I try to challenge myself with each new painting, either a new style, subject matter or technique.  However, we’ve been so busy lately with the builders on the house, showing visitors around the coast, or simply travelling between Twin Eagles and Vancouver, that I haven’t been able to spend a lot of time working on my painting skills.  

It was time to do a smaller painting, without any big challenge, just for the pleasure of painting.  I looked through my reference photos and found a picture of a water lily that would make a nice simple little painting. Since there wasn’t anything particularly complicated about the composition, I had some fun with the negative space around the lily pads as well as the cast shadow from the Lily itself.  I also enjoyed the rymthic nature of the water.

There’s nothing particularly exciting about this painting, but it will fulfill its mission to brighten up a little wall or nook.

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