Wearing workboots and hemming a curtain.

Wearing workboots and hemming a curtain.

It was a busy construction day on the Bluff today. We got our new shipping container delivered this morning. It required quite a bit of jockeying to get it off the flat-bed and into the proper position, but it was worth the effort. It will make an ideal storage unit for tools, ATVs and e-bikes. The ramp down to the beach is also proceeding at a constant pace, so we helped the builder by hauling down a number of 2×8’s and 2×6’s so that they were closer to the section he was building.

Not wanting to lose momentum, all the while channeling my inner pioneer, I borrowed my neighbour’s sewing machine in order to hem up an out-door curtain for the Solarium on the Love Shack. Not surprisingly, there were a few missteps as I tried to figure out how to get the unfamiliar sewing machine to work, but once I’d essentially dismantled the machine and put it back together, it worked like a dream. In addition to hemming the curtain, I put in a little pocket at the bottom to hold a heavy chain in order to weigh down the curtain and stop it from blowing upwards with every stray breeze. I then proceeded to test out the curtain…open…close…part-way open…part-way close. Like a dream.

All in all, it was a good day.

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